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Häxehütte dedicates is art to the tens of thousands of free, unfaithful, learned, savage, rebellious, old, young, lonely, outside social norms, beautiful and ugly, intelligent and poor, pagan and mystical, strong and insubordinated women who were condemned for heresy, tortured and executed by the inquisition.

Because we think that there are other values ​​than those too spread out in our patriarchal and consumerist system, we propose to develop another vision of the world through a corporation of artists and craftsmen. Thus, through this guild we hope to be able to reconstruct an image of the woman who, freed from the precepts of society, can be reborn in a more natural form, but also to redefine a concept of Being which would refocus on the cycles of life. By rediscovering themes which are hated by today's society such as death, the finitude of life, glorification and sacralization of nature and its cycles. Death and life, decomposition and recomposition, creation from the past, transformation are to be considered as the founding leitmotifs of Häxehütte.

We refuse to submit any longer to this capitalist and patriarchal system that forgets that we will all end up feeding the worms, so we scavenge bones and dead flesh to make adornments.

We refuse superficiality and having a meaningless lifestyle, so we release albums of Black Metal, which we see as musical art in perfect alliance with the consciousness of death and the dark, savage and dreadful portrayal of a nature without humanity.

We reject religions, so we create unholy and profane art.

We refuse the remoteness of nature and the omnipresence of chemistry from pharmaceutical laboratories, so we create our own remedies for small ills.

We refuse the oligarchy, so we accept the barter of goods or services. In this case, contact us here.

In memory of all these murdered women, we create an archetype of the witch: strong, wild woman, close to nature, anti-Christian, scholar. This witch is the raison d'être of our “art label”, our guide, our mentor and we invite you to her humble cabin.

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